Frequently Asked Questions



How do I sign up my electricity account?


Connection requests can be made by visiting the get connected form on this website or alternatively by calling 1300 880 375.


How do I make a payment to top up my meter?


Simply go to the "Top Up Here" tab on this website and purchase electricity at your convenience. If you require further assistance, please call 1300 880 375.


Where can I find my meter number?


Your meter number will be located on your meter and or on the electricity distribution board in your apartment (generally where your main switches are located).  


Why do I need to enter my mobile number?


When you make a purchase online you will receive a text message with your token which is a 20-digit number that activates the meter’s credit. The meter should top up automatically. However, in the rare circumstances that this does not occur (or you have a no coms meter) you can use this number to top up your meter by entering this into your keypad and pressing the arrow in the bottom right corner.


How do I know if my meter is topped up?


Simply enter the 20-digit number into the meter if it is rejected you are assured that the meter has been topped up. 


How do I know if and when to top up?


The keypad will warn you with an alarm warning you that you are running low and that you need to top up.


The system may alarm you should it see that you are running low by sending you a text message and / or e-mail (smart meters only).


You can also check your balance on the keypad screen.


If you are going away, please make sure there is sufficient credit on your meter for basic appliances and daily supply charges.


What minimum payment can I make? 


The minimum payment you can make is AUD $1.


What is the Daily Supply Charge and how is it charged?


The daily supply charge is an industry standard charge to supply electricity to your residence. The daily supply charge is charged daily however as you don’t top up daily the system will count how many days from your last top up and apply the outstanding daily supply charge first. The rest of the dollar amount will then be loaded onto your meter in kwh.


How much is the Daily Supply Charge?


The daily supply charge rate can be viewed by visiting your local distributor tariff page.


Insufficient Amount Tendered Error when Topping Up?


If the system says you can’t top up because you are getting an insufficient amount tendered this is due to you topping up less than the amount to cover the daily service fee.

Is my apartment individually metered?


To ensure the accuracy of energy billing all apartments are individually metered.


How often is usage billed?


You will never be billed! This is a "pay as you go" system for their electricity usage. Residents now can decide how much or little they need to purchase to cater for their budget.


How do I operate my keypad?


Please locate your keypad on the meter or separate to the meter. If you have a meter with a flap then codes are printed on the meter. If your codes aren't printed then the following codes can be used to receive further information by pressing the number then the arrow on the bottom right of the keypad:



003: Keypad self-check

004: Total consumption of energy

009: Remained energy kWh




You can also request for online portal login details to monitor your consumption at your convenience (smart meters only and charges may apply for this additional service).


Tip: If your keypad is not working you may need to replace the batteries.


How does the emergency credit facility work?


The system has an emergency credit facility of at least 3 days of electricity costs.


You can access the emergency credit facility by pressing the arrow on the bottom right of the keypad for 10 seconds.


You will know you are using emergency credit because it will show up as a negative balance. The next time you top up part of your payment will recoup the emergency credit and then credit the balance.



I am moving out how do I close my electricity account?


Kindly complete the “Move Out Form” on the website.


What if I have life support equipment?


If you have life support equipment you need to notify us of this immediately. We will require your explicit consent to continue your use of the prepayment system and will require you to complete a form to register the premises.


Can I claim a concession?


If you hold a concession card, you may be eligible for government-funded concessions on your energy bills. To apply visit: please call us.


What happens if I want to test the meter?


You may request a meter test to investigate the accuracy of the meter. Potential test costs will be discussed with you before the test is scheduled. Prior to the test you will be required to pay the Inspection Fee and the cost of the meter test. If the meter is inaccurate, you will be refunded the amount paid.


Call center for complaints, enquiries and emergencies


You can call us on 1300 880 375 Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Connection phone lines are available after hours in events of an emergency. Always leave your name, number and meter number and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.


How do I voice a concern?


Contact us via the online contact form below or by calling 1300 880 375 and someone from our customer service team will endeavour to resolve your problem. In some cases, we may request that you notify us of your concerns in writing. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns promptly. If concerns remain, you may request to speak to a supervisor who will review your case and advise any decisions reached. Some matters, such as supply quality problems, have to be referred to a distributor and may take longer to sort out due to their technical nature. However, we will endeavour to keep you up to date as we are notified of progress. Whatever the problem, contacting us first is generally the quickest way to fix things, and often helps us make improvements for other customers.


Electrical safety and power outages


In a life threating situation please call 000.


If there is a power outage or you are worried about electrical safety you should contact your local electrical distributor.


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