Aurora Promotes a Smart Grid

No More Paper Bills

It can be costly to create paper bills for management agent. The benefit of  prepayment is that there is no physical bill.  In prepaid mode customers can budget and purchase when they want and however much they want 24/7.  Customers receive transparent and continual feedback on their usage and no longer have to live in fear and worry about bill shock when they receive their post paid bill at the end of the billing cycle. Prepayment puts the consumer in a proactive rather than a reactive position, whilst allowing them to save the environment.

Shorter Customer Service Lines

Prepaid customers can purchase utility using 3rd party channels rather than waiting to physically pay their bills in-person at service offices. This reduces the load on utility customer services offices.  Shorter lines means lower costs and happier autonomous customers.

Reduced Administration Costs

Prepayment allows the customer to manage their account. If they are disconnected, the customer is held more accountable and they can simply make a payment and the meter will be activated with credit.