Prepaid Meters offers a full line prepaid and post paid electricity meters and enclosures. We support and integrate with market-leading manufacuters. Our professional consultants will help you find the ideal solution for all your metering upgrade and replacement needs.

AMI Metering

Prepaid Meters can leverage existing AMI metering infrastructure to provide prepayment services. This eliminates the need to purchase specialized prepayment meters and allows utilities to use standard meters on all residences regardless if the customer is prepaid or post-paid. The Aurora platform is vendor neutral and supports leading AMI meter manufacturers.

STS Metering

Standard Transfer Specification (STS) has become recognized as the only globally accepted open standard for prepayment systems, ensuring inter-operability between system components from different vendors.  STS technology is currently used in 84 countries around the world.  The application of the technology is licensed through the STS Association, thus ensuring that the appropriate encryption key management practices are applied to protect the security of prepayment transactions. 


Prepaid Meter's Aurora prepayment software is STS certified to be compliant with IEC-62055-41 and Aurora supports all STS compliant meters.  A copy of our certification is available from the STS Association. 

Water Meters

USC's water management device (MD) is a low-cost, intelligent, electronic control valve that is capable of controlling the flow of water to a domestic consumer at full pressure. This product has been successfully installed in a numerous environments since 2003 and there are hundreds of thousands of this device and its predecessors currently operational in the field.

The MD is the solution for the management of water supply to domestic or small commercial consumers, and when linked to a pulse output water meter, enables time and volume based control of water flow, leak and tamper detection, management of delinquent customers, remote data capture and meter control, Automated Meter Reading (AMR) with the ability to provide control of water flow, the essence of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)